We are in the process of having some of the finds examined by experts to give us more information about their age, origins and uses.

Naomi Sykes, who lives near Towcester but works at the University of Southampton, has had a preliminary look at the bones and has identified a wide range of animals (no human though!) including hare, dog, cat, horse, mackerel, salmon, sparrow, goose, sheep, boar and deer. She is hoping to carry out more work, possibly with her students.
The wood found in room 3 of the Bathhouse will be investigated and possibly dated, by, it is hoped, the University of Leicester.
Robert Moore, former Keeper of Antiquities at Northampton Museum, will be producing a report on the coin assemblage.
These will also be looked at and identified.
Phosphate analysis
The soil of certain areas will be analysed for phosphate to give us more information in conjunction with the geophysics about the land use of certain enclosures around the villa.
Saxon Sword
Liz Friendship-Taylor, formerly Conservator at Northampton Museum, will assess the condition of the sword. We will be getting the sword and some of the pottery drawn. (For Saxon Warrior - click here)
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