Metal Objects
Twisted style metal roman earring

Found in the bath house.

Roman key

Found on the villa range, near the bath house.

A bronze brooch

A small Colchester derivate fibula of late Ist century found during metal detector survey.

Found on the villa range.

A bronze brooch

A larger and more decorated Colchester derivate fibula of late Ist century found during metal detector survey.

Single piece fibula brooch

A complete example of a Colchester derivate fibula with a pierced catch-plate and iron pin mechanism, dating to the late 1st early 2nd century AD.

Found near the central villa range.

Single-piece fibula brooch

This fibula has been bent and has lost its pin. The damage probably happened after the pin was lost, but the maybe the loss of the pin led to the loss of the brooch.

Found in the bath house.

A trumpet brooch

A fibula design of 2nd century date, found in the vicinity of the bath house. The brooch appears to have been silver or tin plated.

Found in the bath house.

Part of a bronze bracelet

The bracelet has been decorated with exterior incised lines which are complimented by a regularly spaced dot design punched into the surface of the bronze. The size of the artefact suggests a decorative object worn by a child.

Iron stylus fragment

The stylus would have been used to write on wax tablets and is important because it indicates a level of literacy amongst the Romano-British people residing at Whitehall Farm, at least in the mid 3rd century AD.

Found in the bath house.

Click here for a possible writing tablet!

Bronze dress or hair pin

A delicate bronze pin with a decorated roundal. This artefact was probably a dress pin and highlights the Romano-British interest in personal adornment and image.

Found in the bath house.

A bronze stud

Probably used to decorate a wooden box.

A bronze ring

A plain unadorned but adjustable finger ring.

A bronze intaglio ring

A small bronze ring which has lost its intaglio. The intaglio would probably have a representation of a god or goddess reflecting the owner's reglious preference but which also could be used as a personal seal.

Found on the villa range.

Intaglio ring (as above)

Bronze ring with moulded glass inset
Bronze ring as above
Bronze ring as above

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