Miscellaneous Materials

Decorative leather with metal pattern inlay
Conserved by Martin Weaver at the School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester

May be buttons or ornaments for a belt or harness. Any other ideas?

Found in the bath house.

Detail of right hand item above, showing the gold coloured metal inlay, which is possibly silvered, or copper alloy.
Detail of botom left slit of left hand item, showing remains of fixing pin.
The other sides of the leather objects above (each flipped, top to bottom)

We belive this may well be a

writing tablet.

It is the right size and would have had an identical lid (or base). It has not yet had conservation treatment and it will be interesting to see if there are any microscopic stylus indentations as they have found at Vindolanda.

Click here for a stylus, which may well have been used with this tablet.

Wooden handle

Found in the bath house.

A wooden bead

Found in the bath house.

A glass and paste bead probably from a necklace

Found in the bath house.

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